Precious Plastic Plymouth

Our vision is of a world where creative energy drives environmental change

Our mission is to provide a tool for local recycling and creative engagement to empower the community to live sustainably.

This excellent idea comes from Precious Plastic, a global community, who in the true spirit of social enterprise, put their idea out there for us all to use. You can view all the designs, products and community  here: . Basically, it involves recycling plastic by shredding it, heating it and remoulding it into new useful/artistic creations. The plans for building the machines are open source and they are simple and quite cheap to build.  We plan to use this to recycle plastic which is otherwise difficult to recycle and reduce transport and other associated costs by recycling locally. We think of this as a fun project to bring the community together, engage with recycling and plastic waste issues and get creative. Even better, this process can create high quality plastic products which can be sold.

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Xmas mini-zine

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