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Unique hand painted decoration to inspire and delight

I have been painting murals for over 20 years. I have a degree in fine art and a specialist diploma in scenic art with honours from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. I love muralling! I love being able to completely transform a space and the feeling of inspiration when I can visualise how a design fits the space and the people who will interact with it. I can paint in any style but feel that a loose, realistic style often works best for murals. A mural is to be lived with and provide a beautiful backdrop for the life within the space.

I am a mural artist based in Plymouth, Devon but can travel to you in Exeter, The South Hams, Devon, Cornwall or further afield. I also have a base in Tenterden, Kent. 

Indian mural with elephant

Extraordinary home decoration

Windsurfer mural

Commercial buildings and restaurants

Flamingo mural

Schools commissions and workshops

Murals: Services

Article from The Artist  featuring my murals 

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31011601 (3).JPG
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Murals: Services
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