Bigbury Village Hall

Celebrating biodiversity and cauliflowers!

This exterior mural on Bigbury village hall showcases the diversity of life found locally and cauliflowers which are an important local crop. In the background is Burgh Island, famous for it's Art Deco hotel, inspiration for Agatha Christie novels and notable guests such as the Beatles and Edward and Mrs Simpson.


Exeter Nightingale Hospital

The Flower Wards

Exeter Nightingale hospital is a 166 bed emergency overflow hospital set up to care for patients with coronavirus. The hospital sits within a building, previously a DIY superstore, on the outskirts of Exeter. I was commissioned to paint calming, uplifting murals depicting the flowers, which are the ward names, at the entrance to each ward. I chose local scenes and worked with colours and landscapes which are felt to have health benefits. I painted intuitively, including particular animals and features which I personally find strongly hopeful and uplifting.

Buttercup ward.JPG
Campion ward.JPG
Daisy ward.JPG
Poppy ward.JPG

Priscilla the May-flower of Plymouth

Gerties, Plymouth PL12NR

Work in progress


The story of Priscilla Mullins

I have lived in Plymouth, UK, for almost 20 years and love the city's rich history. I have drawn inspiration for this mural from the romantic story of Priscilla Mullins and my own love of the sea. 

Priscilla Mullins sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 with her parents and brother Joseph. During the first long, hard winter, both her parents and brother died leaving her orphaned in a strange land as a pretty young woman of around 18. Her Father left her a small fortune in shoes!

It is said that Captain Myles Standish, who had just lost his wife, then fell in love with Priscilla and asked his friend John Alden to propose to her for him. However, she refused the proposal instead asking him “John why don’t you speak for yourself?”. John Alden, the Mayflower’s cooper (barrel maker and mender), was supposed to return to England but instead decided to stay in America and married Priscilla in 1622 or 1623. Priscilla and John Alden had at least ten children, and an enormous number of descendants.