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A Teaspoonful of Plankton

This digital Art Commission by Kate Crawfurd and Beth Munro runs at The Box Museum, Plymouth, from April 2024. It is an interactive, immersive art-piece which invites the audience to participate in the story of plankton. 

You can take part in this plankton experience:

Tues 2nd-Thursday 4th April     10:30-12:30 and 1:30-3:30

Tues 9th-Thursday 11th April     10:30-12:30 and 1:30-3:30

Plankton are absolutely vital to our existence on Earth and are often overlooked because they are microscopic. 

We tell the story of plankton through an immersive film with soundtrack. The public are invited to draw images of plankton which appear on the screen as part of the artwork. 



Plankton are fascinating, beautiful and vital to our existence on Earth. In Plymouth we have world class scientists working on understanding how they function and the roles that they play within marine ecosystems. Click these links to find out more. 


Find out what Claire Widdicombe, plankton ecologist at Plymouth Marine Lab does. 

image5664_L4 phytoplankton_C Widdicombe PML.jpg

Image by Claire Widdicombe. Plymouth Marine Lab



The Continuous Plankton Recorder

This is one of the coolest gadgets ever! Find out more about the CPR which has been monitoring plankton around the world for over 60 years!


The Marine Biological Association of the UK, celebrates it's 140th anniversary this year! 

World class research about plankton is carried out here

Daniella 1.png

Image of a coccolithophore by Daniela Sturm, Marine Biological Association of the UK


Plankton and people.webp

The Plankton and People project website has lots of interesting information about plankton and why they are so important


In Our Time BBC radio podcast about plankton 

Listen to University of Plymouth Associate Professor Abigail Mc-Quatters Gollop in conversation with Melvyn Bragg and other marine scientists

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