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Net Zero Visions

University of Plymouth and Devon Climate Emergency ERDF project

Harnessing creative energy and the power of the imagination this project brought communities together to re-imagine their town/city having embraced carbon reduction strategies and living the dream! Clean, green and joyful the world of 2050!

This inspirational project is based on the simple concept that if we can imagine a net-zero future, then we are far more likely to get there. Dystopian images of disastrous futures in films and media leave us resigned to accepting this future, which can stop us acting to make changes.


Plymouth Methodist Central Hall

Designed by Jessica Mallory


Prominent City Centre Location

Hopeful and inspirational vision of Plymouth 2050


Crowd Pleaser!

Great focus for conversations about our future

Augmented reality brings the mural alive!

Simply scan the QR code below the mural and view the digital elements with your mobile phone.

Tiverton Market mural

Tiverton 2050 

Sustainable Tiverton are a strong community group working hard towards net-zero. Designed in collaboration with University of Plymouth and the Tiverton community this mural brings alive current, planned and imagined carbon reduction projects

University of Plymouth Sustainable Earth Institute

Designed by Eleanor Croker

This mural was designed as a competition for University students to re-imagine Plymouth in 2050. The winner, Eleanor Croker and also Jessica Mallory, illustration student, assisted painting this beautiful mural.


Digital experience

Augmented reality allows you to view the mural come to life on your mobile phone

“I worked with Kate on a project that lasted for roughly a year and involved a significant budget. Kate went above and beyond in her carrying out of the work, both executing the brief and using her own initiative to make sure the project was carried out as successfully as possible. She worked within the budget, and managed it and the logistics effectively; was a superb collaborator with key stakeholders and communities; and was always clear and prompt in her communications with the core project team. The stakeholder and community response has been extremely positive, with Kate repeatedly singled out for praise”

Dr David Sargeant, Net Zero Visions Project Lead

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