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Costs and Logistics

Each project is individual but the process will be similar. Costs are dependent primarily on the time the project takes to complete, materials required and any travel or accommodation if away from home. My murals will continue to delight you for decades. Call me for a free consultation.


The Process

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Pricing and logistics

Trompe l'oiel mural by Kate Crawfurd

Frequently Asked Questions

The process

  • To start the process just drop me an email or give me a call on 07775916246. I am happy to discuss any project large or small. If you have a mural in mind you are welcome to email some pictures of the space or design ideas you may have.

  • We can then organise an initial free-of-charge consultation. Ideally this will be at the mural location and we will have a chance to discuss and sketch out ideas, make a plan of the space and plan the mural together.

  • I will then produce designs for the mural and send them to you to agree. It is always easy to amend, or completely alter, designs at this stage of the process.

  • Once agreed I can provide a fixed quotation for the work. This will include all materials, labour and any travel or accommodation costs if required. 

  • We can then organise a date to paint the mural. 

  • I will bring all materials and equipment required for painting and protecting flooring etc. I work cleanly and carefully so that your property will not be at risk. However, in the unlikely event of a spillage I have public liability insurance. 

  • Voila! You will have a beautiful mural on your wall. 


Costs and logistics

  • Mural prices are calculated based on a combination of the design, materials, size, and any travel or accommodation costs if required.

  • I offer a free initial consultation. In which we can discuss ideas and create a design tailored to your space, desires and budget.

  • I will provide a fixed price quote which we can agree before work commences. I will provide all the materials and equipment required for the job. I have public liability insurance cover. I can prepare the wall, but  to keep the cost to you as low as possible the wall should be in good condition ready to paint on  before I start work.

  • Each mural is unique but as a rough guide a small or simple mural can be completed in a day or two with prices starting from £200. A feature wall would usually take at least 2 days and cost from £400. The costs depends completely on the size and level of complexity which will determine how long it will take to carry out. A complex feature wall or complete room will often take 5 days or more. 

Cherubs cupboard

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my mural last?

  • Murals will last for decades. Murals I painted 20 years ago still look as good as the day they were painted.  In areas prone to moisture or for exterior murals I will use paints specifically designed for increased durability. If extra protection is required murals can be varnished. 

  • Do you only paint walls or will you paint my ceiling/floor/garden fence.......?

  • I will paint anything! I can also paint you a mural as a decorative folding screen. This can then be positioned wherever you like and can be painted in my studio reducing disruption in your space. 

  • How should my wall be prepared?

  • I can prepare your wall but to reduce your costs the wall should be clean and in good condition ready to paint. It should be white or a suitable background colour.

  • What paints will you use? ​

  • I will use non-toxic water based paints. Generally these are acrylics or high pigment emulsions designed for theatre scenery or high pigment household emulsions. For a bathroom, kitchen or exterior mural I would use appropriate paints. If necessary I would glaze the mural with a water based varnish. 

Rhubarb office mural
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