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Extraordinary home decoration

For the unusual, fantastic or enchanting, look no further!

Bespoke murals handpainted directly on your walls. This beautiful wall decor is personally designed for you and your space. From harmonious living rooms to brightly coloured kid's rooms murals are a stunning addition to any living space. I can paint in any style but I feel that, particularly in homes, a loose natural style works best. The mural becomes an integral part of the space creating an atmosphere and acting as a uniquely personal backdrop to life within the room. Contact me to discuss your project.

Pear trees mural

Tranquil living rooms

Cherubs cupboard mural

Customised to any space

Indian wall mural

Personal to you

Mediterranean mural with olive trees

Create an ambiance

Kitchen mural

Creative kitchens

Unexpected ceilings

Mural 3.jpg
Large olive tree mural with birds in private house

Sumptuous backdrops

Enchanting childrens rooms

Wind in the Willows mural
Faux effects, Marbling

Faux effects: Marbling and woodgraining

Beautiful bathrooms

23011626 (3).JPG
Exterior wall mural

Exterior spaces

Colourful kids rooms

Spongebob Squarepants snails childrens mural
Drapes (2).jpg

Easy clean painted curtains!

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