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Commercial business and restaurant murals

Eye catching decor to attract business

A bespoke mural for your restaurant or business can increase trade. My murals are all personally designed to fit your company's vision, space and clientele. They may be dramatic or subtle, luxurious or extravagant. I can paint in any style and work with you to create a fabulous design to enhance your space. Below are a few examples of my work. Contact me to discuss your requirements now!

Trompe l'oiel mural by Kate Crawfurd

Trompe L'oeil door and rhubarb jar

London office stairway

Windsurfer mural

Extreme sports centre murals


Handpainted mural by Kate Crawfurd at Shark trust office, Plymouth

Shark trust office


Restaurant garlands mural


Italian restaurant

Grand canyon mural

100m long Grand canyon


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